The Vernon Township Sanitary Authority meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm.

Vernon Township Sanitary Authority Members:
Mark Gildea, Chairman 
Jan Metzler, Secretary
John Esterly, Jr., Treasurer
Paul Huber, Vice Chairman
Randy Byham

Office Manager:
Bev Styborski: 336-2550
Office Hours:  
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The Vernon Township Sanitary Authority began laying public sewer lines in the late 1960's to provide public sewage facilities for the businesses and residents of Vernon Township.  In 1972, a large portion of the Township was sewered.  In 2003, an agreement was passed between VTSA and MASA regarding the sewage operations and treatment.

The Sanitary Authority utilizes two sewage treatment plants, and seven pump stations.
Approximately 200 customers were added on for service from Vernon Sanitary Authority in 2005 due to the extension of public sewer lines along Harmonsburg Road.

Effective February 1, 2006 the sewage rates are a flat rate of $35.00 per month, per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). The tapping fees and EDU's are established by the Sanitary Authority Engineer and approved by the Sanitary Authority Board.